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to the Community

Read about what we accomplished in 2022 through our pillars of Education, Equity, and Empowerment. 

This is the cover of the 2022 GDABVI Report to the Community. Black text on a white background reads "Report to the Community. Greater Detroit Agency for the Blind & Visually Impaired. Power Over Eye Health & Vision Loss." A graphic of a multicolored iris is set against a beige oval shape on the white background.

Click here to download a PDF.

Click here to view the Flipbook.

Our Message to You

We updated our core values this year to include Joy. Trying to attach the idea of "great pleasure and happiness" to the reality of blindness might seem aspirational to some, but we make it an everyday pursuit at GDABVI. We care about the people we serve. We care about each individual's path to sight loss. We care about giving people tools to preserve their vision when possible. We care about each person's challenges, dreams, and achievements, and how they feel on the journey to their goals. Our clients deserve to have laughter in their lives.

So, we're grateful for your trust in our mission. We thank you for enduring our pandemic pause. We appreciate your belief in our work. Together we can accomplish the big things we strive for as individuals and as an agency. #TeamGDABVI looks forward to helping lead the way to brighter days with you by our side. You bring us joy and we want to do the same for you.

Stefanie Worth, Executive Director

2022 Highlights

This is the Empowerment page from GDABVI's 2022 Report to the Community which features numerical graphics of the year's achievements.
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