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2022 Planting Party Wrap-Up

Saturday, June 25, 2022
Photo gallery description: This page contains a photo montage of images captured during the Planting Party. They begin with photos of the overgrown garden fencing wrapped in an abundance of grapevine - which actually prevented the gate from opening. Close-up images show the depth of the overgrowth which covered all but the concrete spaces of the garden. 

The next photos show the volunteers setting to work. The core group is made up of family and friends who get together every year and pick a community service project. This year, the agency was the recipient of their kindness. Agency staff is also shown in the pictures. Not shown are other community volunteers. 

Images continue to show the progress of the day. Eventually the grounds were cleared enough to see rock features and places were new flowers - including a red rose bush and black-eyed susans could be planted. The group also planted a pair of hostas.

They ended the day by assembling three raised bed planters and filled them with collard green and onion seeds, along with tomato, pepper, jalapeno, and other seedlings. The group stopped to pose for a well-earned group photo before heading off. Final images feature a smiling group and a clear view through the garden gate.

We greatly appreciate them spending the day restoring our Sensory Garden and look forward to continued sprucing throughout the summer.
Our 2022 Planting Party was made possible with the support of
Thank you to everyone who made the day such a success!
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