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Independence Services

GDABVI provides a variety of direct services to assist individuals in adapting to life without sight in a sighted world. Our services are provided free of charge to eligible individuals (determined through our intake process) and may take place in-person or virtually, depending on client needs. All in-person services require that clients adhere to our COVID-19 policies for the protection of our staff and our constituents. Services can be booked online through our accessible forms or by calling 313.272.3900

Vision Rehabilitation Therapy

After your initial contact with our office, a Certified Vision Rehabilitation Therapist (CVRT) will reach out to discuss and assess your needs and recommend next steps. Our vision rehabilitation therapy services are offered at no cost.


GDABVI clients in our Vision Rehabilitation Therapy program are also referred to an Orientation and Mobility specialist, if the VRT and client agree that they would like additional training to move around their home or neighborhood. Some clients simply want to learn how to get to their mailbox in a safe manner, while others are interested in walking to a local store or library.

Vision rehabilitation therapy services include Activities of Daily Living and Technology Training. Learn more below.

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vision rehab
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Orientation & Mobility

Orientation and Mobility (O&M) services are provided to persons who are blind or vision impaired and wish to (re)learn how to move about and travel safely and effectively in their environments. Orientation instruction covers how to understand where you are within your surroundings and how to get where you want to go. Mobility instruction demonstrates how to safely and effectively move from place to place without falling or tripping and by avoiding hazards. Training in O&M can occur in private settings or in public spaces. We also provide assistance in completing forms for Metro Lift or SMART paratransit as part of O&M.


To receive services, you'll need a consultation with our Certified Vision Rehabilitation Therapist (CVRT) Community Care Coordinator. Appointments can be booked online or by calling 313-591-3791.

O and M

Activities of Daily Living

This comprehensive in-home training is provided through our certified vision specialists and is tailored to individual needs. ADL covers topics such as recognizing money, labeling items in your home for easy access, notetaking, safe kitchen skills, managing medications, and more. Group kitchen safety classes are also offered monthly at our office.

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Technology Training

Technology can help make certain aspects of life more accessible for individuals who are blind or visually impaired. But using technology can also be intimidating. Our expert and compassionate staff will meet your current level of need and help outline a learning plan that best suits the low-tech to high-tech lifestyle you're aiming for. 

We're currently offering Keyboarding for Beginners, Intermediate Computing, Advanced Computing (all virtually), and iPhone Training (in-person). These courses are 12 weeks each and open to youth and adults ages 13 and above. 


After you've registered and completed all intake forms (if you haven't completed intake for 2023-24), you'll be contacted by our instructor to assess your needs and help you prepare.

Tech training
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